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We know that keeping pace with the ever-evolving science within respiratory care — on top of your busy workload — is challenging.

We believe it’s our responsibility to help, by providing high quality education.

Many of our resources are developed in partnership with thought-leaders and clinical experts, and bring together content from published studies, patient organisations and health associations to provide you with a single location for useful asthma and COPD content.

  • Actions speak louder than words: How pharmacists can help make respiratory care greener

    Pharmacists’ role in greener respiratory

    Dr Anna Murphy

    Dr Anna Murphy discusses the impact pharmacists can have on greener respiratory care.

    UK-RES-2301712 Nov 2023
  • Tackling SABA overuse in asthma patients

    SABA overuse in asthma patients

    Exploring SABA overuse in asthma patients and the management approaches to reduce it.

    UK-RES-2301712 Nov 2023
  • Considering MART therapy: who could benefit?

    Identifying patients suitable for MART

    Understanding the role of MART in asthma management and the patients it may be suitable for.

    UK-RES-2301712 Nov 2023
  • The role of small airways in asthma and COPD

    The role of the small airways

    Exploring the role of the small airways in asthma and COPD.

    UK-RES-2301712 Nov 2023
  • Using eosinophil count in COPD management

    Using eosinophil count in COPD management

    Professor Dave Singh

    This video explores how eosinophil counts can be used in the management of patients with COPD.

    UK-RES-2102930 July 22
  • Guidance for digital consultations

    Guidance for digital consultations

    Sarah Rust

    In this animation, Practice Nurse Sarah Rust explains the key elements of digital consultations.

    UK-RES-2102930 July 22

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Meet the experts

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