‘I'm managing fine with my asthma’

‘I'm managing fine with my asthma’ - - Respiratory Consultant

In this video, Dr Richard Russell explores how to challenge a patient’s acceptance of symptoms as part of everyday life. He offers ways to move beyond the RCP 3 Questions* to approach conversations around asthma in a different way, and shares some of the successes he’s had with this approach.


*The Royal College of Physicians ‘three questions’1


In the last month:

– Have you had difficulty sleeping because of your asthma symptoms (including cough)?

– Have you had your usual asthma symptoms during the day (cough, wheeze, chest tightness, or breathlessness)?

– Has your asthma interfered with your usual activities (e.g. housework, work/school, etc)?


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UK-RES-2102745 - May 2022


  1. NICE. Asthma: Scenario: Follow-up. April 2022. Available at: https://cks.nice.org.uk/topics/asthma/management/follow-up/

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